Balancing family time, packing, emailing, configuring computers….

It is hard to believe that we are leaving in less than two days.   I have been busy this past week getting things ready for our trip.

Calvin College donated 15 used computers to the Genesis Community of Transformation (GCT).  These computers will be used in a lab environment to teach the community of GCT how to use computers along with learning English.  I had help this past week (thanks Zach, Jacob, Michael, Gabor, John!) in configuring the computers.  So here is some tech talk for those that are interested: We configured them with OpenSuse 11.2 which is a linux distro that includes Khmer – the Cambodian language.  It includes a variety of software including OpenOffice (a office suite like MS Office).  I think it is working – the problem is that when I switch the computer over to Khmer, I can’t read the screens!  🙂

Please pray for safe travels – that we will all arrive safely in Bangkok with everyone still able to smile and with all our luggage (including the boxes containing the computers).

Well, I better get back to packing……


Leonard De Rooy


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  1. Jacque Bolt on

    Leonard, Alison and the whole traveling group.
    Thanks for the blog info! It will be nice to follow your journey to see what surprises God has in store for you.
    Blessings to all of you. Be safe!
    Jacque Bolt

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