But God Moments

I have a painting hanging in my office that boldly has the text “but GOD” written on it.  It is a visual reminder of how God is in control of our lives.  If you have an electronic Bible, or use a Bible Web site, you can search for the phrase “but GOD” in the Bible.  There are many biblical stories of how things were going in one direction (often in the wrong direction) and then the story has the little phrase “but God” and the story line changes showing the power of God.

In my life, I also have many “but God” moments. Most of the activities that we are partnering with in Cambodia are full of “but God” moments. The Spirit is alive in Cambodia, and I hope that as a class we will be able to experience this first hand in the coming weeks.

Our contact in Bangkok is Missionary Yu who is helping to run the Bangkok Mission Office and Shalom House. This is a home for students in the Bangkok area where they are learning basics of christian life, community life, and leadership skills, while studying in the local universities or colleges. This is somewhat similar to the Project Neighborhood housing at Calvin. (If you are interested, you can find out more at www.bbgglobal.org)

One of the logistic details that I have been praying about was the details on getting our whole group together in Bangkok. One of our students, Isabella, arrived in Bangkok a day early from the rest of the group. She stayed at a fellow Calvin student’s home in Bangkok and planned to meet us at the hotel when we arrived. Missionary Yu said that Isabella’s taxi driver could not find the hotel so they pulled over in a gas station in Bangkok and called Missionary Yu for directions.  Missionary Yu was on a motorbike taxi at the time when her phone rang, so she pulled over in a gas station to answer the phone. In a true “but God” moment, here in a city of 12 million people, the two had pulled over in the same gas station to make the call to try to connect!  Our God is an amazing God!

Leonard De Rooy


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  1. jim'n'arda on

    i often hear that funny phrase “God-moment.” I think it’s funny because isn’t every moment a God moment? It makes much more sense to think in terms of “but God”….yes. amen.
    But God. pRetty powerful. pretty wonderful. God bless you, Len,our prayers are with you all each moment of the way.

  2. Carole Voss on

    Thank you for sharing your “But God” moments with us. So true, how God continues to work and intervene in our lives…sometimes we don’t see it clearly until after the fact, but the gas station story was a clear example. I also was amazed that Theo called me on your first day, I wondered how I would be able to connect, and didn’t want to tell him of his Grandma’s passing through an email. You have to understand, when Theo is at Calvin, I’m always the one to initiate the phone call! So, I know it’s much less amazing than the gas station story, but I thanked God that he called, and that he was able to visit with Grandma before he left on this trip. Have a great trip, and thanks for the blog! —Carole Voss

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