We had another very long day today. The morning started out very well, we got up around 6:30, I took a shower then went up to breakfast on the roof. There was fried rice with Veggies, bread, watermellon, and some other food I forget the names of. There weren’t enough tables for everyone so we spread out onto lounge chairs and watched the sun low in the sky. There are plants everywhere, even on the roofs. After breakfast, which I enjoyed, we took a bus to Angkor which means capitol in Khmer. It’s a general area where the capitols of the Khmer Empire were located. We visited the ruins of several different capitols and some temples. It was a bit disconcerting because there were peddlers outside of all the ruins trying sell different things like paintings, bracelets, trinkets, purses and such. Then we would walk inside these gigantic and intricate ruins that would inspire a breathless awe if there weren’t so many tourists like us taking pictures and video. The ruins were sweet, but they are tourist traps. About 80 percent of Siem Reap’s economy is based off of catering to tourists, so it makes an interesting dynamic. Wherever the peddlers are, we have to be careful to not show too much interest otherwise they just pounce and don’t stop talking. They think “no” means make a better offer, and they even hear “I’m not interested” or “No thanks” or really any polite way you can say those things as requests for them to try harder to sell something.

We’re still a bit jet lagged here. This post took me about 5 times longer than it should have since my eyes keep closing. Long days.

– Theo Voss


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