Writer (right) doing research.

A home

It makes me feel unusual. To be on the roof of a tour boat going past all of these floating houses. To look at them for a minute. One minute out of their forever. For us, this exposure is short lived, if lived at all. It is over with the dying drum-hum of a beat up tour boat; the trip-trap up the wooden ramp; the rumble-tumble of a sweaty bus ride back to the hotel. Seeing them affects us. Enough to make us cry. Yet they are the ones who are happiest.*

Jacoba Bulthuis

*(A friend of ours in Cambodia told us that a study was done that showed the happiness for people living in povery in the floating village. They were found to be extremely happy, especially in comparison to people in highly developed countries such as America.)


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  1. Rose Koopman on

    I love reading your blog. I have been to Cambodia several years ago and would love to go back. Now I feel like I am going back through your eyes. Thanks for all your notes and insights. We are praying for your group. Enjoy!

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