Laying it on thick ...

Today I learned something important about myself: I am a very messy painter, well, varnisher. It didn’t help much that I was 2 stories high on a structurally sound, but still rickety scaffold.

Today we are helping with NIBC, a NGO working here to spread Christianity and teach Children. They currently are teaching kindergarten, first grade and a college. They’re hoping to expand one grade each year and bring the kids they’re currently teaching through high school. Officially Cambodia offers education through High School. The problem is that the teachers aren’t paid enough to live, so in class, they don’t teach what will be on the tests; instead they hold private lessons after school for those who can afford it and want to learn. At NIBC schools, teachers actually teaches everything that is supposed to be taught in the public schools in the morning and in the afternoon they teach bible classes and english as well as some other classes.

Today we split into two groups. About seven people went to help  teach at the Rainbow school, an NIBC kindergarten. The rest of us went off to another kindergarten NIBC is running and we started varnishing the outside bamboo slats for them. The school was in session while we were working and it was also under some minor roof construction. The kids were so energetic inside, and we could here them shouting out answers and singing inside over all the noise of construction outside.

We’re about to head back out for more of what we did this morning, so I’m signing off,

– Theo Voss


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