8 Observations…

1. Dinner is a community affair. Chatting after the meal is encouraged. Unlike servers in the U.S. who eagerly bring you the check when you’ve taken one bite of your main dish, Cambodian servers only bring the bill after you’ve prompted them or when you stand and start to collect your belongings.

2. Stair heights are arbitrary. It sure keep you on your toes! (Or, maybe literally, on your butt)

3. My body stinks! Eating different foods has completely thrown off my odor. Even after a shower I can’t get the Cambodian smell of my body.

4. Clothes are optional for children under 4 years old–especially male children.

5. The amount of people that fit on a motorcycle depends not on how many seats there are, but instead how many people can stand/hang off every spare inch.

6. A cool morning breeze will progress into a cool afternoon breeze. But, the sun still burns.

7. Geckos the size of gila monsters 🙂 come out after 9:00. As soon as you turn your head to point one out to a friend, it will be gone. Creepy!

8. Forget the shoes. Most places you won’t wear them. I always forget–leaving my hotel room without my shoes feels so foreign.

Abbie Belford


3 comments so far

  1. Emily Rustemeyer on

    Wow, so glad to hear you’re having such a rich experience over there! I think I might die of shock if I ever saw a reptile that big. Thinking about you guys a lot!

  2. Jerry Bergsma on

    Nice observations Abbie but I’m really expecting to hear about some embarrassing or interesting situations that you’ve gotten yourself into : ) I can’t imagine that you’ve escaped unscathed … after all you’ve already been there a few days!
    Coach Bergsma

  3. Belford Family on

    Keep your shoes on! : )

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