Impactful Conversation

For the past two days, we have been ‘Transforming Cambodia’. Well, that is was I first thought when we were painting a school on stilts in the village nearby.

The first morning only Calvin students were painting and repairing the school, but in the afternoon we were joined by some of the BGU students. The afternoon and piecing together of scaffolding brought some confusion and frustration at first because of language barrier, but this gap was quickly bridged. It was at this time when I was able to connect with one of the BGU students.

His name was Sil, and he asked many questions. He was eager to learn about me, and he opened up without hesitation. Our conversation was simple, but deep. I saw his kindness and eagerness to learn (especially Englinsh). In fact, he wanted to attend University in the U.S. to become either an architect or teacher, but he could not decide. This conversation was very impacting on me, and it made me want to question my thinking of how we were ‘Transforming Cambodia’.

I think (along with a friend who mentioned this to me) it may be more appropriate that we think of this trip as Cambodia transforming us.



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  1. Ann DeRooy on

    So true, so true!

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