The rule of three

These last few days my group has been painting at a school. The school sits on stilts which means in order to paint the walls we use scaffolding. Our professor told us we must use the rule of three in order to climb and paint on these. The rule of three: one must have three body parts holding on at all times. Today was my second day up on the scaffoldings. We started to paint but the paint color was off so everyone went down to go get a new batch. i decided to stay up there. The view was amazing. I was so busy painting and trying to get work done that I never took the time to turn around and notice the site that was behind us this whole time. I never thought that Cambodia would be beautiful. I guess because that was never the focus of the trip. But i am glad i got to take the time and enjoy it today.

Leah Salazar

P.S. Jacoba is the greatest!


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