I called home  a few days ago at 9:00 am I had just gotten up and prepared to face a new day.  My wife was ready to retire yet the previous day.  12 hours separated us and we were at opposite ends of the globe.

I was struck by the technological marvels that have evolved over the past 50 years.  Today we fly without apprehension to the most remote corners of the earth within a day.  Our position on the globe can be accurately pinpointed in seconds and we communicate with anyone anywhere within seconds.  Children travel to the most exotic places well before they can pronounce the names of their destination or understand what travel is all about.

My parents traveled in midlife with half a dozen kids by boat across the Atlantic for 7 days followed by a two day train ride to arrive  at a seemingly God forsaken place to work their fingers to the bone just ever inching forward economically.  They cried rivers over the prospect of never seeing their family, friends and relatives again when they parted at the harbour.  Immigration assured  them what was believed to be the permanent severance of family ties.

I am in Cambodia and perceived as rich by the Khmer people.  My parent’s sacrifices and an abundance of blessings enabled me to travel so far and so free without the slightest inconvenience to me in any way.  The tour guide at Angkor Wat told me that in spite of working as much as he does he cannot afford to vacation anywhere or at anytime.  He is too poor.  I hope and pray that he and his people can have the same privileges and benefits that I have also within one short generation.

Brian Maan


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  1. Ann DeRooy on

    One short generation….. I like that perspective!

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