General Update Sunday 1/10

Hello again! (I should probably learn how to say hi in Khmer!)

First off, a correction from yesterday: the Tonle Sap (Sounds like TOHN-lay SAHP) does not increase by 200% during the rainy season here. It expands by 500%!

Yesturday, we went to church at an NGO’s (non-government-organization – like a non-profit) church, Siem Reap Church, whose denomination is the Brethren. It was really cool! The NGO is called NIBC (Not I But Christ), which really officially stands for something less religious sounding (in a primarily Buddhist country in which it is illegal to spread the gospel – though not enforced).

While there, we got to sing with the kids (in Khmer, though – and since the alphabet is different, it’s not even like in Mexico where you can still read words on a screen without knowing what they mean). Afterwards, I got to talk with a Handong University student (visiting like us, just from Korea) and a Bethany Global University (BGU) student (BGU is NIBC’s school – anyway, it’s for Cambodian students). The BGU student’s entire family is Buddhist, and she became a Christian just last year at NIBC.

Then there was a service for adults – and us. I sat next to another BGU student named Boren, who translated some of what was going on for me. The service was very unique; as people who spoke one or more of: Khmer, Korean, and English were attending, parts of the service included translating from Korean into both Khmer and English, or from English into both Khmer and Korean! One of the Korean students gave his testimony and Professor Dornbos preached. It was quite a long service!

We divided into groups of three or more and trekked from the hotel to various local restaurants for lunch. I went with Isabella and Dornbos. Quite fun. Menu items which include “ginger” in the description here seriously deserve it!

After lunch, we got to hear about the Kindergarten and Elementary schools started up by NIBC. Today, I get to teacher’s aide/teach 5-year-olds!! Apparently, they’re always in need of English teachers here, and pretty much any fluent English speaker qualifies. I would love to come back here some day and teach English!

The last thing we did as a group yesterday was visit the floating villages for sunset. More on that later, because we have to leave soon and I want to do them justice.

Amanda Hayes


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