Some Culinary Expertise

An important part of traveling is being adventurous. I have decided to try every exotic food that I can (terrifying, I know.) I will rank them in order of tastiness with one being the best.

1. Frog- very little meat, but what you get is delectable….now if only the presentation didn’t look like something out of a biology dissection… poor poor Kermit.

2. Kangaroo- similar to Venison… quite juicy. Easily the most flavorful. However, I feel like a horrible person for eating something so cute. As my father says, I should at least have a little more spring in my step.

3. Crocodile- flavorful, distinct, and a little too chewy for my liking… it’s rather awkward when you can’t speak for 2 minutes because you’re STILL chewing the same piece of food.

4. Snake- tastes a bit like chicken…but dear Lord. avoid the bones. I have to say that I took some personal satisfaction out of eating one of my fears though I am quite relieved that I didn’t see it before cooking. I might have wet myself.

5. Snail- bland and disgustingly chewy… no… really. I think that I could live the rest of my life happily without ever putting something that chewy and slimy in my mouth. I do not understand the French and their passion for escargot….

I am proud of myself for my culinary adventures….. Stay tuned for what is next to come…. Ostrich? Monkey (no, I really couldn’t do that… I’ll stop pretending…)

I promise, though, that I will NOT be trying turantulas…ever….even if someone paid me.

-Bethany Woelk


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  1. George on

    Are you planning to bring anything back for your Co-works to try?

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