We’ve made friends among the BGU students after only two afternoons of working together and a dinner. It’s amazing how fast they became our friends. within a short while of work we were all talking together and sharing our stories. officially we were helping them learn their English, which is pretty much all BGU teaches currently as it is a prep school. But they had more to teach us. There community was amazing, they live together, study together, work together and then go out and have a ministry in their home towns. They are so open about everything, Christ, family, frustrations, it’s like they are us only without a filter. I wish more people were like them. Knowing them has definitely changed me and I hope to be able to skype with them sometime (this would take some work as they don’t have internet access at BGU or microphones or webcams) or maybe take a vacation and visit here to see them.
– Theo Voss


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