The unseen side

So two or three days ago I was walking back to the hotel from the Blue Pumkin, the most amazing ice cream spot ever, and along the road two guys on a street corner asked if I wanted a pretty lady as if they were at a stall selling goods. This was right on the sidewalk at an intersection in full view of several police officers. I did what I learned to do with the other vendors, I stared straight ahead and walked faster. These people didn’t even deserve the customary denial I usually say before moving on.
– Theo Voss


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  1. Ann DeRooy on

    You should have read “Terrify No More” before you left for Cambodia!

  2. Carole Voss on


    Nikole said that Cambodia was a big center of slave trafficing of women, so I’m not surprised. Sad, very sad.

  3. myrnaanderson on

    I find myself hitting my head on many things. This is not because I’m unaware of the things that are around me…well maybe a little. This happens because nothing is made for a 6’4” Dutch boy. I find many door frames that only reach my nose or shower heads up to my forehead. I find it odd that with all the globalization occurring (I can charge my camera batteries and use my electric shaver without an adaptor) but the height is still an issue. I hope to come back to Cambodia again but I doubt that there will be much change in that sense so I will have to keep watching out.
    ~Brian DeKock

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