Shout to the Lord

In worship this morning we split the group  into two and each group went to a different church.  Our group got to sing familar praise songs -but in a different language.  It is amazing to hear others worship the same God in different languages.

Here is a link to a low quality video clip of the church singing “Shout to the Lord”

The pastor said ” although our skin color is different, we have the same blood in us – the blood of Jesus Christ”
Leonard De Rooy


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  1. jim'n'arda on

    low quality or high, it is amazing to hear an old familiar praise song from the other side of the world, in a whole new language, sung in the same faith, hope, and love. awesome!!!! thanks, len, that was inspiring! hope you are all doing well; you sure seem to be. God bless and prayers for the remainder of the trip.

  2. LIndsay on

    I like what the pastor said

  3. Ann DeRooy on

    Loved it! And I loved the diverse abilities of the Praise Team! A little glimpse of worship in heaven.

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