here i am to worship

i havent written in awhile and i had just a little personal experience i wanted to share. on tuesday our group visited a CRWRC village outside of PP. when we arrived there we were brought into the church for some worship. it turns out that the band that played knew a bunch of Hillsong songs, but they sang them in Khmer. later in the afternoon we were walking back from another village and i ended up talking with the lead singer for a bit. he asked me if i knew the song ‘here i am to worship’ and i nodded. he started singing it in english and invited me to join in. he switched back over to Khmer and we continued to sing together in both languages. it was really special to me and it was really cool to experience something as simple as this. after we finished singing he said to me, “we sing different, but to the same God. the best God.” here in Cambodia i am beginning to appreciate the more simple things in life that we all tend to look over and take for granted. this country may be different in many aspects but this is still God’s land and these are also God’s people. another case of same same but different.



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