My Last Night

I am leaving Cambodia early because i have an internship in Chicago next semester that begins earlier than Calvin’s. This trip has shown me so much more than i have ever expected and the people on the trip have been so great.
I hope that every parent that reads this blog understands that i have enjoyed getting to know each person on this trip. There is not one person that i have not enjoyed or been given the chance to see their amazing personality. Calvin is truly blessed with these individuals. Each person is unique and completely in love with God, and i have been given the opportunity to see that every day.
God has blessed this trip with health, and we are all very thankful that no one has been incredibly ill. This trip has not only changed me because of what i have seen and learned in Cambodia, but it has also changed me because i got to experience it with this group. It is very difficult to explain the connection that the group has, and the different things people have to offer. It is an indescribable blessing. There is no way that this group was formed by chance. It was intrinsically chosen, and everyone is here on purpose.
I just wanted to try to explain that I am so thankful for everyone on this trip and i am sad to leave. I feel that i will be missing out on a little, but i know i will be missed too.
Leah Salazar


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  1. Carole Voss on


    God’s blessings to you as you begin your internship. I’m thankful that you could be part of the group and still go to Cambodia. Thanks so much for your message and sharing how well the group is working together, there on purpose, etc. As a parent, that is such an amazing thing to hear.

    Theo’s mom

    • calvinstudent on

      You can just use your name mom.

  2. Dawn Hartwell on

    Yes, I echo the comments of Carole. Praying for your travel connections and adjustment in your internship. It is wonderful that you could share the experience and all the parents SO appreciate reading the updates and perspective of the different group members. It sounds like such a blessing to be a part of this group-you are all forming such amazing bonds!
    To God Be the Glory!

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