surgery–no big deal

This is my very first blog–don’t judge me.
Today was a very surreal day for me as five of our group members had the chance to visit a local hospital in Phnom Penh. While everyone else was picking up trash, we were able to visit many different areas of the hospital including pre-op, post-op, and the ICU. However, I think that it’s pretty safe to say that the OR was the most exciting part of our day. This was my very first surgery ever watched live and let’s just say I was very nervous, no matter how excited I was. It probably didn’t help listening to horror stories about fainting and feeling nausea from previous experience. GOOD NEWS–no sickness. In fact, after about 5 minutes, the whole experience seemed to be quite normal. We learned a lot, and there was a giant cyst bigger than a grapefruit being removed a foot away. Hello pelvic cavity!
It’s definitely crazy to see how the regulations in a hospital change from country to country, though. In many areas, everyone goes either barefoot or wears flip flops. Cell phones and cameras were both allowed AND used in all areas–especially the operating room.
All of this was a crazy experience, but we learned a lot and had a lot of fun. GREAT day.

-Jill Roos


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  1. Magdalyn Van Huizen on

    Jilly-bean! I’ve been waiting for you (or one of the other girls/brenton) to finally post something on this blog! Yay for visiting the hospital! You should put that on your resume now “Worked in a Cambodian hospital”. That’ll look super impressive.
    Ok,well. Come home alright? Katie’s starting to shower more often, so I think she needs some of your influence again.

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