crowing rooster

In some countries once the eye distinguishes light from darkness the Iman ascends the minaret and calls the faithfull to worship.  In Cambodia this function seems to have been awarded to the rooster.  At about 4:00 am a rooster somewhere in the neigbourhood below on steroids or way too much testosterone begins to crow which carries on non stop for several hours.  At about the same time a hideous noise that sounds like a squealing pig that just realized its master has decided it won’t see another sunrise joins the rooster thus forming a duet.  A little later a dog or two decides to join the cocaphany of sounds.  Sleep evades me so I turn on the light and am greeted by an 8 inch gecko clinging to the wall 6 inches from the ceiling.  I brought an alarm to Cambodia thinking I would need it but so far I have never had to use it.  I get up, wash and get dressed and at about 6:00 am ascend the stairs to the roof top where breakfast will be served.  The lights are out and there is no one about.  No sooner do I reach the top when somewhere from across the river someone flips a switch and 150 decibels of traditional Khmer music blankets the surrounding area.  If the rooster, pig or dogs could not wake the neighbourhood I am convinced the music did.  I don’t think there is a noise by law in Cambodia.  From what I see and hear I wonder if there are any laws in Cambodia and if there are no one seems to obey them.

Brian Maan


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