no internet connection

hi everyone!

this is my first blog, and all i have to say is…

we are going to be at a farm for the next few days and we won’t have access to the internet til thursday.

oh and i love you mom


p.s. professor derooy made me write this blog


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  1. calvinstudent on

    Hahaha… i cant believe he made you write that! ahh i miss you guys soo much… that 5 hour layover is going to not be fun let me warn you guys! i hope the farm is great!

  2. calvinstudent on

    ooo Leah Salazar wrote that comment ps lol

  3. jim'n'arda on

    when i got up this morning, dad was laughing his head off, reading his computer. i said “what’s so funny?” and he said “Your daughter posted on the blog!” and he couldn’t stop laughing. Then he said, “poor Len, trying to get Elia to blog,” and I said, “How come she wrote she loves me and not you?” and dad said, “YEAH, what’s up with that?” I said, “Probably Len told her that her mother checks the blog every day to see if she wrote on it yet.” So, way to go, Prof. Len, and way to go, ELIA, you wrote your first rockin’ blog!!! hope the farm was fun. hope you got some sleep with no bugs to bite you, along with no internet! Love ya, Elia! Mom

  4. Ann DeRooy on

    Sure do miss you guys when there is no internet connection for you to make new posts! Can’t wait to hear from you all again!

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