From a tropical island back to Michigan via Korea

well, it is time to start our jouney back home. We all had a great time here at the coast.  We spent the day yesterday on an island where we got to explore the shores at low tide, swim and have a good time.   Many got sunburned 😦  and most that have been sick are getting better.

We are now loading up on the vans, taking a 4 hour trip back to PP.  From there we will have a light dinner with Missionary Gill Suh (CRWM) and head off to the airport around 8:00 tonight.   From there a flight to Korea, a 5 hour layover, and a flight to Chicago.  Once in Chicago we take a bus back to Calvin.   The Lord willing, we should arrive around 3:00 in the afternoon at Calvin College (Spoelhof turnaround)

Please keep us in your prayers, pray that those that are not feeling well will do well on our journey.  Pray that the rest will maintain our health and good disposition.

Thank you all for your prayers this past month.  David and I would love to meet you sometime – stop by when you are near Calvin.




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  1. Phil de Haan on

    I will be remembering you all in my prayers. Having traveled twice to Korea I know how exhausting such a journey can be, but my experiences pale in comparison to yours.

    As far as I can figure y’all will have somewhere in the neighborhood of a 30-hour trip, including a 14-hour flight (as near as I can remember) from Seoul to Chicago, followed by hopefully waiting for all of your luggage, followed by a four-hour bus ride to Grand Rapids. Wow.

    Hang in there folks. Right now it’s noon in GR so hopefully you are en route to Seoul. I will pray that all goes well.


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