“Life is but a Breath”

Here is a Haiku that I wrote about my experiences with life and death on this interim. The quote “Life is but a Breath” is from Theary Seng’s book “Daughter of the Killing Fields” :

“Life is but a Breath” – By: Vanessa Jelsma

“Life is but a breath”
Mangled bicycle and blood
Woman lays sobbing

Crowd circled around
No one offers her a hand
Traffic keeps moving

Victim of chaos
Alas, good Samaritan
Pulls her to the side

The woman huddles
Sobbing in the stranger’s arms
Rocking back and forth

Shocked and terrified
In the fetal position
“Life is but a breath”

Dog naps in the sun
As the village children play
Peacefully he sleeps

The calm vanishes
Shrieks and howls and moaning
Puncture my eardrum

Hind legs now broken
All attempts to stand will fail
Our van shattered bones

Again there’s a crowd
Circling around the puppy
They are all silent

A small boy steps up
Then carries the dog away
“Life is but a breath”

Flowers bloom inside
The Toul Sleng prison courtyard
Reaching to the sky

Buds on trees flourish
While those that drop will shrivel
Beneath scorching sun

The white purity
Glistening in Heaven’s light
Lasts for a moment

Plummeting to ground
Will happen in an instant
“Life is but a breath”

If those walls could talk
Great horrors would be revealed
Cries would be released

Torture was brutal
The results of satan’s force
And the people paid

Painfully they fell
Electric shock or drowning
Blood and starvation

Families torn apart
30 years and healing still
See those empty eyes

Generation ceased
Leaders annihilated
Puzzle pieces lost

Put the pieces back
Find the right fit one by one
A new image

God has overcome!
Glory shines in Cambodia
He has conquered death

Great hope can be found
When you see with Heaven’s eyes
Christ declared victory


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