sok sabai

…that means hello in Khmer:)

It feels so good to finally be here in Cambodia.  The transition from Thailand into Cambodia was smooth but slow, but we are all safe and sound.  It is a very different world here than what we are used to.  We have experienced new sounds, sights, tastes, and definitely smells-those are the hardest to get used to.  It has been a humbling experience so far to see some of the things that we have, and it is hard for me at least to process all of this.  Upon entering Siem Reap we saw a number of beautiful resorts, and then not two blocks away there are people begging.  It’s a hard pill to swallow and is definitely humbling.  Please continue to pray for the members of our group as some of us start to experience the discomforts of traveling  Thank you for your prayers so far.  Tomorrow we go to see the Angkor temples. We are all pretty excited to see them, and also to ride an elephant.  Hope the snow isn’t biting too hard:)

Lindsey Van Dyk


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  1. Lindsey's Family on

    Sok sabai ….. To all. We love you Lindsey.

    We are humbled too thru your words and the children of Cambodia. God is the maker of heaven and earth … And is in complete authority and control over ALL His creation:)!

    Prayers continually.

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